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Tencent BJ

Design: 2017-2019
Construction: 2018-2019

Designed by the Office of Metropolitan Architecture, the new Beijing Headquarters for Tencent, multinational internet conglomerate, and the 13th most valuable company in the world (by Forbes), required unified design for the signage and wayfinding systems, as well as placemaking environmental graphics in key strategic public areas. In collaboration with Pentagram, the world’s largest independently-owned, multidisciplinary design firm, OLI was tasked to unify the sprawling multilevel headquarters with strategic signage and wayfinding interventions. The design team through careful analysis of the building layout and occupant flow, designed minimal digital placemaking interventions in key public nodes, providing distinct landmarks within the strong architectural character of the new complex, and a common visual and material language for the thousands of employees the new HQ would accommodate.

Additional changes to the interior architecture through discrete interventions have been strategically developed with an emphasis on maximum impact while considering and honoring the original design intent of the space and the schedule of construction minimizing abortive works.

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