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Haidao Silk Art Culture Museum

Haidao Silk Art Culture Museum

Design: 2013-2014

Haidao Silk Art Cultural Museum takes center stage as a cultural beacon in the Haidao Silk Cultural Art Park, situated in the new Central Business District of Hainan, China. The facade is composed of draped “silk,” aligning the main traffic artery and the Centeral Park of master plan. Expressed through the varying textures of colored concrete, polished stone and glass, the facade accentuates the “drape” and curvature along the viewer’s changing vantage and the movement of the sun.

The interwoven interior spaces establish a typology of a vertical “living museum,” where various cultural events and silk exhibitions take place alongside other endeavors of entertainment, education, shopping and leisure. The amalgamation of activities within the parameters of museography establish an architecture integral to China’s modern, international lifestyle.

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