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Embassy of China In Washington, D.C.

Embassy of China In Washington, D.C.

Design: 2001-2004
Construction: 2004-2008
Area: 40,000 m2
Architect: I. M. Pei
Project Manager: Bing Lin

The new 40,000 square meter Chancery Building of the People’s Republic of China is located at the International Centre, the new chancery district in northwest Washington D.C. . The building is situated on a site area of 10,760 sq. meters adjacent the Embassy of Singapore, the Embassy of Israeli and the US State Department with Van Ness Avenue and International Drive to the North and West respectively, and Central Park to the south.

In order to achieve harmony with its classical neighbors in Washington, the exterior wall of the new Embassy building is clad with honey colored French limestone. The building’s geometrical shape organizes the building into discreet functions of reception, meeting, gathering and offices. The design of the building not only meets the basic office and administrative functions of the Embassy, but also symbolically reflects the uplifting and new openness of today’s China.

The new Chancery building is built on a hill with the entrance to the south. The East Wing houses mostly public functions while the West Wing contains mostly offices. The main garden is located on the north side. Specially selected trees provide landscaped views from the offices and reception rooms. The lush landscaping also blends the new Chancery with the rest of the tree covered International Centre. Art work created by internationally renowned artists Xu Bing and Liu Dan adorn the public areas. In November of 2008, Chinese President Hu Jing Tao visited the new Chancery building, and stated the building being of “both West and East, both luxurious and elegant”.

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