Partner - AIA LEED AP

Hiroshi Okamoto is a member of the American Institute of Architects and a LEED Accredited Professional, licensed in New York and New Jersey. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1992 and from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Master of Science degree in Architectural Studies in 2000.

From 1994-1998, Mr. Okamoto was employed with the Ushida Findlay Partnership in Japan, and with the Joint Venture of Nikken Sekkei, Tohata Gumi and RTKL International, on the Saitama Koiki Godochosha, the large-scale Tokyo decentralization project completed in 1998.

From 2001 to 2012, Mr. Okamoto worked with I. M. Pei on the Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (2001-2002); as a Designer, Site Representative and Construction Administrator of the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha (2001–2008); and as the Project Architect of the Chapel at the Miho Institute of Aesthetics (2008-2012) in Shigaraki, Japan, I.M. Pei’s last project. From 2008-2012, Mr. Okamoto was an independent design consultant and the Design Architect and Project Manager for the Museum of Islamic Art Park in Doha, where in collaboration with Richard Serra he designed, at the end of the manmade park peninsula, a cantilevered stone pier for Serra’s sculpture 7 (2011).

In 2010, Mr. Okamoto co-founded OLI Architecture PLLC and has been the design principal and project architect for the MuXin Art Museum (2011-2015), the Chengdu Silk Art Culture Museum (2012-2016), and the Museum of Islamic Art Renovation (2015-2017) in Doha, Qatar. In 2018, after being featured in the reboot of BBC’s Civilizations, the MuXin Art Museum was listed in the Financial Times as one of Simon Schama’s 10 Forgotten Wonders of the World. Other accolades won by the museum are:

• Winner of the 2016 AIANYS Award of Merit: Architecture/Institutional.
• Winner of the 2016 German Design Council Iconic Award Best of Best: Museum Architecture.
• Shortlist Finalist for the 2016 World Architecture Festival: Culture/Completed Buildings.
• Winner of the 2015 Concrete Industry Board Roger H. Corbetta Award of Merit: Out of Country.

Other notable projects Mr. Okamoto has led are: the Tencent Shanghai Cloud Services office design (2017-2018), the signage and environmental graphic design in collaboration with Pentagram for OMA’s Tencent Beijing HQ (2018), the Y Poly Office and Gallery design (2016-2018), the retail concept designs for Amplitude (2018 – on going), the homegrown high-end cosmetic line launched by the Japanese cosmetic giant, POLA, and the London Cross Pavilion (2015-2020: winner of the 2020 AIANY Projects Award of Merit), a purpose built private commission in Westchester NY, to house Richard Serra’s London Cross (2014).

Current ongoing projects Mr. Okamoto is working on are: the design of the AnjiPlay Kindergarten and Early Childhood Education Center (2015 - Present), the Fangsuo Commune Shanghai (2017 – Present), the largest cultural bookstore in Shanghai on the Pudong riverfront, the Ascentage Pharma R&D Headquarters (2018 – Present), for the Hong Kong listed pharmaceutical company Ascentage, the Siteman Washington University International Oncology Hospital (2019 – Present), and 6 Cove Grove (2018 – Present), a private commission on Sentosa Island in Singapore.